Engineers are Creating More Durable Drill Pipes and Components

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The Importance of Durable Drill String Products

When someone is filling their vehicle with gasoline or turning on light switches in a home, it is easy to forget the importance of drill pipes that are necessary on oil rigs. Most drill strings are located in remote areas on top of land, underneath the ground or offshore, leading to people knowing little about the items. However, for individuals working in the oil industry, quality tubular products are essential to transport liquid. Businesses needing to find drill bits, collars and pipes rely on the experts at RK Pipe & Supply Inc. LLC located in New Iberia, La., to obtain new or used products that are the right size for a particular oil rig. Using the right drill string devices can ensure that oil is transported without spills that lead to waste along with fines and lawsuits from environmental protection agencies.

Engineers are Designing Better Drill Pipes and Components

While the average consumer does not know a lot about how drill pipe is manufactured or used, they do understand the higher prices of electricity and gasoline caused by a shortage of these items. Consumers may also have a serious concern about the impact of huge oil spills that are the result of poorly constructed drill pipes and components. In many cases, water, soil and wildlife suffer major ramifications after an oil spill occurs. Fortunately, the engineers who develop drill string products are listening to consumers and governmental agencies to create more resilient pipes, bits and collars that are less likely to break or degrade. Not only does a more durable product reduce the chances of an oil spill, but it prevents loss of a valuable energy resource. At RK Pipe & Supply, our engineers strive to find and stock the best drill string equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

How Drill Pipe is tested for Strength

Drill pipe is available in long lengths ranging from 25 to 45 feet with a variety of diameters. Each one of these tubular products has a hollow center to transport fluid required on drilling rigs. Depending on the weight and strength of the drill pipe, it is also useful for horizontal applications. Drill string components are difficult to manufacture, leading to an expensive specialty item that is often reused. A knowledgeable engineer inspects new and used drill pipes and fixtures to make sure the items meet industry standards. Well boring processes eventually wears down drill pipes, causing small fissures that are only noticed with testing devices such as spherometers. After the drill pipes are tested, a classification for the part is stamped on the device to show what type of well boring it is suitable for.

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